Tire Repair in Perris, CA

When you’re driving in and around Perris, California, it’s critical to take care of your tires to enhance its longevity. Taking care of your tires is critical to your safety whether you’re driving on wet roads or cruising down the highway on a sunny day. So, it’s crucial to know what to do to maintain your tires and repair them. Here’s what you should know:

Know How to Check the Tire Pressure

The best times to check your tire pressure is when the temperature of your tire is cold. It typically takes about three hours for your tires to cool down after driving so you can check the tire pressure once this time passes. Start by inserting your tire pressure gauge into the valve stem of your tire. It’s best to own a digital tire pressure gauge as it provides a readout of your tire pressure instantly. Compare the results of the tire pressure readout to the recommended tire pressure as noted by the manufacturer. You can easily get this information by referring to the owner’s manual of your vehicle or from the bright sticker found in the door jam on the driver’s side of your car. This sticker will provide the recommended pounds per square inch or PSI number, which you can use for verifying the recommended tire pressure.

Recognize When the Tire Tread is Too Low

You can determine if your tire tread is too low by taking a penny and inserting it heads down between the tread. If the tread only touches the head or not at all, then it’s time to replace your tire. What this means is that you have less than 4/32″ left on your tire and that it’s time to get new tires. A good rule of thumb is to have at least 4/32″ or higher of a tire tread.

Know When to Change and Rotate Your Tires

Depending on the vehicle you own, it’s ideal to rotate your tire every six months or around every time you get an oil change. This can typically range from every 5,000 miles to 7,500 miles depending on your car’s make, model and year. This practice becomes cost-efficient over time as it helps improve the durability of your tires.

Final Thoughts

Tire repair and maintenance is easy. But when you ignore repairing your tires, it can get expensive later on down the road. You can risk your safety, too. So, check your tire pressure and tire tread regularly, and rotate your tires on time. You can also have a certified technician provide tire repair services to maintain your tires. By following these steps, you’ll improve the longevity of your tires and drive safely while on the road.

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