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Most Southern California residents have the ability to travel to several different types of environments. You can be in a forest, at the beach, or walking through snow within just a couple of hours. We carry tires for all your excursions, so if you’re thinking of off roading in the summer or driving up a mountain in the winter come see us at Perris Auto Repair Center and we’ll make sure you have the right tires for the job.

We’ll get you tires that will give you the traction and durability you need in California. Give us a call, drive on in or conveniently schedule an appointment online and we’ll go over all your tire options.

Or maybe you need tires for your daily commute, we have those too. Proper tire maintenance is important because it is literally where the rubber meets the road. So if you have noticed that you are skidding across the freeway, your tires are wearing unevenly or you have a bulge in the wall of your tire come see us and we’ll get you a set of two or four tires and give you recommendations on how to extend the life of your tires.

Services to extend the life of your tires include:

  • Tire Rotation
  • Wheel Alignment
  • Proper Inflation Assessment

If you’re not sure that your tires are in proper driving condition, come see us and we can better assist and assess your tires, we can then provide a quote for new tires or suggest a service that will prolong the life of your current tires.

We make proper tire and wheel maintenance as easy as possible because issues that start with your wheels or tires can eventually lead more problematic mechanical issues that will interfere with the performance of your vehicle.

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Contact us today to request a tire appointment. You can count on our repair shop for an honest and reliable diagnosis of problems and quality repair.

Auto Repair Services

  • A/C & Heater Repair
  • Diagnostics
  • Electrical System Repair

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