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wheel-alignment-perris-auto-repair-caProper wheel alignment is part of regular maintenance for your vehicle, it ensures that each tires is touching the road evenly and therefore wearing correctly which will give you the most out of your current tires.

So if you notice that you have to hold your steering wheel slightly to the left or right in order to drive a straight line, your wheels may be out of alignment. Or if you notice excessive vibration while driving on a flat road, this could indicate that your wheels are out of alignment.

We make this a quick and precise procedure for your vehicle using the latest in wheel alignment technology. While it is not something that most daily drivers think about, there are several instances that can knock your wheels out of alignment, these include but are not limited to:

  • Bumping or driving off a high curb
  • Hitting a deep pothole
  • Driving too fast over a speed bump

These are common incidents that drivers face every day, if this happens to you and you are not sure if your wheels are in or out of alignment, feel free to stop on by, give us a call with any questions or conveniently schedule an appointment online for a time that works for you!

Wheel Balancing Perris, CA

Sometimes when a driver thinks their wheels are out of alignment, it could be that they are actually unbalanced. This means that the respective weight of the tires is off. This can be solved by putting weights on the wheels.

These weights clip on to the edge of your rims. These can be knocked off much in the same way your wheels can become misaligned. IF you have had your tires previously balanced and have noticed that the weights are missing we can easily replace them for you in no time at all.

Come see us at Perris Auto Repair Center and we will be your wheel and tire experts. Located at: 5168 Western Way Perris, CA 92571 USA



An example of uneven tire wear due to an out of aligned vehicle. Notice how only the inside of the tire is worn when the wear should be across the whole tread. Proper alignments and rotating tires regularly can help prevent these issues.



Here is a tire that, not only has been aligned once a year, but also has its tires rotated regularly. Notice how the wear is across the whole tread evenly. Now you achieved the maximum amount of life from the tires and in turn you save yourself some money.


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