Why It Is Important to Service Your Mercedes Benz

If you drive a Mercedes Benz, you know what luxury feels like. 


Mercedes Benz automotive interiors and driveability are unmatched by many other car brands, which is why you invested in one. So why not protect your investment? 


Servicing your Mercedes Benz ensures that your vehicle stays on the road longer. 


Not only will you enjoy more driving time, but you’ll save money in avoiding costly repairs. 


If your vehicle is in need of service, it’s time to bring it to Perris’ most trusted Mercedes experts


Let’s find out why. 


Service as a Preventative Measure 


Your Mercedes Benz is built to last, which is why it’s so important to follow service guidelines put forth by the manufacturer. 


Staying up-to-date on maintenance recommendations will ensure that your Mercedes never incurs costly repairs. 


Some common maintenance services include: 

  • Battery Testing
  • Brake maintenance 
  • Oil change 
  • Tire rotations & wheel alignments  
  • Power-steering fluid refills 
  • Engine coolant checks 
  • Engine belt & timing belt inspections 
  • Spark Plug Replacements 


Sound like a lot to keep track of? 


Most of these tasks can be performed with a routine vehicle inspection and take very little time to complete. 


Just bring your Mercedes into the shop and we’ll tell you what needs servicing—all at a fair price. 


Your Owner’s Manual 


You should check your owner’s manual every couple of months to make sure that you aren’t missing any key maintenance requirements. 


Look in your car’s owner’s manual to see the proper maintenance schedule for things like oil changes, tire rotations, and spark plug replacements. 


Your owner’s manual will always have the most accurate schedule of when your car needs maintenance. 


You shouldn’t trust a mechanic that recommends additional services that aren’t scheduled in your owner’s manual unless it’s in the event of a repair. 


When it comes to you and your vehicle, the owner’s manual is your best friend. Mercedes has very thorough and detailed versions of these documents, giving you peace of mind that your vehicle’s maintenance is on schedule! 


If You Need Repair 


Servicing your vehicle is the best way to prevent repairs, but it doesn’t completely eliminate the risk. 


If you should encounter the need for a vehicle repair, get it done right with a trusted team. Repairs should only have to happen once. 


Is your vehicle experiencing any of the following? 

  • Squealing brakes 
  • Pulling steering wheel 
  • Puddles of liquid under your car 
  • Knocking noises from the engine 
  • Bad smell coming from A/C vents 


If so, you should get it checked out sooner rather than later to avoid further complications in the future. 




Your Mercedes Benz delivers a ton of value into your life, so you should take care of it the best you can. 


Stay safe and avoid costly repairs by following your vehicle maintenance schedule. 


Due for some service? 


Tiger & Sons in Perris CA have the trained experts ready to go to work for you. We specialize in Mercedes so that you know you are getting the best service. 


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